a.    Definitions, types and regulation application

b.    Types of cookies used by the Site

c.     How to manage or delete cookies


a) Definitions, types and regulation application

Cookies are small text files sent by the websites visited by the user and recorded on the user’s computer or mobile device and retransmitted to the same websites on the subsequent visit. Cookies allow a website to remember the user’s actions and preferences (such as login details, language chosen, font size, other display settings, etc.) avoiding the need to indicate them again when the user returns to the website or browses through its web pages.

Therefore, cookies are used for login, session tracking and retention of information regarding a user’s activities when accessing a website. They may also contain a unique identification code that allows keeping track of the user’s navigation experience within the website for statistical or advertising purposes. Some operations could not be carried out without the use of cookies, which, in some cases, are technically necessary for the website to operate correctly.

For further information on cookies and their general functions, the User can visit the information Website

Cookies may be those set directly by the website or web server that the user is visiting or those of the website whose address was typed by the user and displayed in the URL window (so-called “first-party” cookies).

While browsing a site, users can also receive on their device cookies from sites or web servers other than the one they are visiting (so-called “third party” cookies). We talk about a third-party cookie referring to cases in which users visit a website and a third party compared to the visited site operator releases a cookie through it, owned by third parties.

There are also various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions, and these can remain on the user’s computer for different periods of time: so-called session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the browser is closed; so-called persistent cookies, which remain on your device until a set deadline.

According to the current regulation applicable in Italy, the user’s consent is not always required for the use of cookies. In particular, technical cookies, i.e. those used for the sole purpose of transmitting a communication over an electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary to provide a service explicitly requested by the user, do not require such consent. Technical cookies, which do not require express consent for their use, include:

  • first-party analytical cookies, used to collect information, in aggregate form, about the number of users and how they use the website;
  • third-party analytical cookies, when tools are used to reduce the identification power of cookies and the third party does not cross-reference the collected information with other information that it already has;
  • browsing or session cookies, used for authentication and access to a service;
  • functionality cookies, which allow the user to navigate based on a number of selected criteria (e.g. language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided.

On the other hand, for profiling cookies, i.e. those aimed at creating profiles referred to users and used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the latter when browsing the web, the user’s prior consent is required. User consent is also required for third-party analytical cookies when tools are not used to reduce the identification power of cookies and the third party cross-references the collected information with other information that it already has.


b) Types of cookies used by the Site

The Site uses the following types of cookies:

  • browsing technical or session cookies, strictly necessary for the operation of the Site or to allow the User to take advantage of the contents and Services requested;
  • functionality cookies, used to activate specific functionalities of the Site and to configure the Site according to the User’s choices (e.g. language) in order to improve the browsing experience;
  • analytical cookies, which allow the COMPANY to understand how the site is used by users and to track traffic entering and leaving it. On this it is specified that the COMPANY uses the Google Analytics service (provided by Google Inc. or “Google”) respecting the following conditions: adoption of measures that reduce the identifying power of these cookies by masking portions of the IP (such as described at the following link:; the COMPANY has accepted the amendment on data protection with Google Inc. by which the latter refers to the commitment to use these cookies exclusively for the provision of the service, to keep them separately and not to “enrich” or “cross” them. with other information it has. Furthermore, please note that it is always possible to install an add-on for the deactivation of Google Analytics on the browser in use ( For more information on how the third party Google may use the user’s information, below is the link to the respective privacy policy:;

Please note that by disabling browsing, session and/or functionality cookies, the Site may be unavailable or certain Services or functions of the Site may be unavailable or not work properly and users may be forced to modify or manually enter certain information or preferences each time they visit the Site;

With regards to third-party cookies, third parties typically act as autonomous data controllers with respect to the cookies they provide (and use the data they collect for their purposes and according to their own terms) or operate as Data Processors (i.e. they process Personal Data on behalf of the COMPANY). For further information on how these third parties may use your information, please refer to their personal data processing policies (privacy policies and consent forms).


Social button and widgets

It is also possible to find social buttons/widgets on our Websites or specific “buttons” that depict the social network icons (for example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, etc.). These “buttons” allow the Users who are navigating the Websites to reach and interact with social networks directly with one “click”. By clicking on Social buttons/widgets, the social network obtains data relating to the User visit. Aside from these cases where the User can share his or her own navigation data spontaneously with preselected social networks with one click, the COMPANY does not share any User navigation information or data obtained through the Websites with social networks that are accessible through Social buttons/widgets. For further information, refer to the privacy policies of the specific social networks that may be accessed through our Websites using the social buttons.








You Tube e Google Plus

c) How to manage or delete cookies

Most Internet browsers are initially set to accept cookies automatically. The User may modify these settings in order to block cookies or be warned every time cookies are sent to the navigation device. Furthermore, at the end of each navigation session, the User may delete the cookies that were collected from his or her device. There are various methods to manage cookies. Please refer to the specific instructions for the browser in use. If the User uses various devices to visit and access Websites (for example, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), then the User is responsible for ensuring that each browser of each device is set to reflect his or her expressed preferences regarding cookies. For more information on managing cookies, please refer to the page

Select the following links to access specific instructions for managing cookies through some of the main navigation programs.


Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

If the User does not use any of the aforementioned browsers then the User may, in any case, select “cookies” in the relevant section of the guide to see where the cookies folder is located.
You can also manage your choices about third-party cookies by means of online platforms such as AdChoice.